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Sustainable growth requires educational solutions that meet changing times and challenges. As we mature from infancy into young adulthood and on, our educational needs evolve along with the different stages of our lives. How do we keep growing, keep inspired and inspiring those around us, in an ever changing complex world? Click here for New Courses. 

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The gaps of time and space are closing in today’s world. If you’re unable to come to New York, it’s no problem. Our classes are all shot on video. Join us anytime, anywhere. Click here for more information.

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Looking for knowledge, academic challenge or skills that will enhance your life? iLearn offers in-depth and inspiring classes on Halacha, Chassidus, Tefillah, Tanach, Parenting, Marriage Education, Home Management as well as a myriad of other topics. Click here for the iLearn Calendar.


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Super interesting classes– Such Chayus!


Beautiful! In addition to the Shiur, which was above and beyond, I was impressed with Rabbi Schochet’s Eidelkeit and Middos.

E. Rosenfeld

Todah Rabbah – very interesting and beneficial, the segment that I have been able to bring up.  Beautiful offering Kol HaKavod!