Find Your Freedom! Full List of Farbrengens Below!

Please join a farbrengen near you! Or Choose your favorite Speaker! Full list of speakers and hosts: Mrs. Yehudis Cohen will be speaking at 1103 Sterling Place Apt 4A hosted by Zeecy Piamenta Yudit Kasowitz will be speaking at 1241 Eastern Parkway hosted by Malka Joss Rabbi Aryeh Israeli will be speaking at 763 Eastern […]

Soul Maps Tanya Course

See here for photos. One student’s impressions: “The course is very practical… Tanya starts with the letter “Taf” and ends with the letter “Alef”. This signifies that you may think you know the Tanya, but in truth, even if you studied it before you can always can gain advice from Yechidus with the Alter Rebbe, […]

A Women’s Gathering Coming to you!

COMING TO A LOCATION NEAR YOU! iLearn will be coordinating block farbrengens in preparation for Pesach on Monday evening, Rosh Chodesh Nissan at 8:30-9:30PM. We need you! to host, so we can illuminate every block and building in Crown Heights with a women’s gathering. Please look out for information about the farbgrengens so you can […]