iLearn: a unique journey inward, to the essence of your being; your Jewish soul. An intensive journey of learning, self-discovery and personal growth.


  Do you want to learn to daven bekavana, grapple through the lofty concepts of a maamar, analyze texts, develop skills and accumulate knowledge?

iLearn offers classes geared for young and old, post high school to grandmothers, focusing on skills and topics such as:

  • Halacha;
  • Chassidus;
  • Textual skills;
  • Jewish home at every stage;
  • And much, much more!

  Challenge your mind, ignite your soul and engage your whole being!

If you’ve ever wanted to pick up advanced skills or spend time engaged in discussion with other like-minded women, iLearn is for you. Our aim is to provide a program to address the lives, struggles, questions, and desire for spiritual self improvement and growth of Jewish women from all walks of life. Our educational course runs the gamut of the modern day  Jewish woman’s experience.


iLearn boasts many leading scholars and guest lecturers and their instruction, wisdom, knowledge, and Chassidic warmth, serve to elevate the program and ensure a truly inspiring educational experience for you.