iLearn: a unique journey inward, to the essence of your being; your Jewish soul. An intensive journey of learning, self-discovery and personal growth.


Do you want to learn to daven bekavana, grapple through the lofty concepts of a maamar, analyze texts, develop skills and accumulate knowledge. iLearn offers classes geared for young and old, post high school to grandmothers.
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Past classes have included:
Parsha Gems
Mrs. Raya Raskin
Live with the times

Tehillim Immersion
Mrs. Tzameret Borovitz
For body, mind and soul
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iLearn boasts many leading scholars and guest lecturers and their instruction, wisdom, knowledge, and Chassidic warmth, serve to elevate the program and ensure a truly inspiring educational experience for you. To see staff bios.
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