Super interesting classes– Such Chayus!


Beautiful! In addition to the Shiur, which was above and beyond, I was impressed with Rabbi Schochet’s Eidelkeit and Middos.

E. Rosenfeld

Todah Rabbah – very interesting and beneficial, the segment that I have been able to bring up.  Beautiful offering Kol HaKavod!


Sunday morning classes at Machon Chana were terrific! Mrs. Lieberman and Rabbi Shochet are fantastic teachers. It’s always a pleasure to learn with Rabbi Schochet as he always turns the shiur on its head once he’s covered the subject- there’s so much more that we never realized. He’s great at really getting to the root of the issue! I just wish more of the neighborhood took advantage of these shiurim!

Sara F.

I gained tremendously! What I enjoyed was going back as an adult to teachers we had in high school with an added appreciation for learning. The atmosphere was great and the classes were fully worth my while. I kept coming home on a high– I feel like I really changed over the summer.

Zeesy Piamenta

It is so special that these classes are offered in the summer for women who stay in Crown Heights. It’s a nice opportunity to learn a variety of subjects. The teachers are experts in their fields, and the online option is a nice touch for those who can’t attend. Highly Recommended!

Rivkie S.

I really enjoyed iLearn, especially Raya Raskin’s Parsha class. I come first thing in the morning and it’s a great start to my day!

Raizel Wolvovsky

I’ve been going to iLearn classes for a few summers now. The teachers are great and there are diverse topics to choose from. It’s so great to have a program available during the summer when there is more free time. Thank you!

Chaya Mushka G.
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